About the site

Fennoeshjka Explores is about traveling, but maybe even more about changing your perception on how to design your life, leaving the idea of a 9 to 5 job and exploring other ways to live life. A life that is more social, environment friendly (as possible), creative and open minded.

The site focuses on three different subjects:
1. Travel, focusing on (Eastern) Europe
2. Alternative lifestyles
3. Minimalism

The main goal of this website is not only to show you beautiful places in Europe, but also a world with lots of opportunities regarding building a life you want. And taking inspiration of others that already did. The idea that you don’t need to feel stuck in your daily 9 to 5 lifestyle and that there are plenty of other options full of positive vibes and adventures! And most importantly: That it is not impossible to transition to these specific lifestyles and to follow your dreams!

About me

It all started in elementary school. Me and my bike on an adventure. Just a couple of streets away from the street where I lived and where my parents forbid me to go. The ultimate freedom. Even then, I was always fascinated with exploring other cultures (eh, neighbourhoods), empty buildings (“You go first, Janneke!”) and nature.

Hi! My name is Janneke (you may pronounce it as Dja-ni-ka, but officially it’s Ja-nuh-kuh), a thirty something from The Netherlands. As long as I can remember I love to travel. As a kid, my parents took me to Germany, Luxembourg and France. It wasn’t that far from home (The Netherlands) and even though I was pretty young, it still made an inpact on me. Moving to another country in my teens and traveling through the Caribean was another experience that got me hooked on traveling. This resulted in the fact that even now, the thought of staying in one place for too long makes me seriously nervous.

After traveling the Balkan in 2011 for the first time, I got obsessed with the area. I decided to do my graduation project in Albania in 2014. The original idea was to stay for 5 months. I ended up staying and traveling for 1,5 years in total where I got to know the area quite well. I met lots of interesting people that traveled the world for years already. It was so inspiring! I wanted to do the same and found lots of inspiring and useful information on travel long term and alternative ways to live.
That year I also started my first blog where I would share my personal travel stories.

With all this information in hand and the feeling of wanting a more professional blog, www.fennoeshjka-explores.com was born.

To not only write about different alternative lifestyles, I try to get practical experience as well. I lived in a community house, I house sit once in a while and lived as a digital nomad in Eastern Europe. Hopefully I can add more ways in the future. A treehouse maybe?