One of the most important things in life is to have a roof over your head. The roof you need costs money. So, you find a job that pays for the roof. In most cases, you spend your days stuck in an office. If you are lucky you found a job you like and pays well. If you are less fortunate (for whatever reason), you are obliged to take jobs that you hate and barely pays the bills. But what if there are other ways to design your live?

While traveling, I came across a lot of information and people that lived their lives in an unconventional way. People that lived as digital nomads, people that bought a house in Romania and wanted to live off grid for example. This was so inspiring for me that I started to look up lots of information on these ways of living during my traveling years. It resulted in fully scrapped notebooks, text documents on my laptop and a phone full of pictures and notes of all the information I found along the way.

The purpose of this particular page on my website is to inspire you in hopefully the same way as all these stories have inspired me. To help you realise that there are plenty more ways to live your life than renting or owning a expensive house and a nine to five job to pay for it. That there are cheaper and maybe more fulfilling ways to live, so there is more time and money left to do the things you love and care about.

Have fun reading and watching the documentaries and I hope you can find lots of inspiration!
For starters, there is this interesting documentary about going back to basics in times like this.