Mapping my past trips

Organizing my trips always start with endless gazing in an atlas or google maps. I can spend hours staring at maps and looking up places that sounds interesting to me. So, a page with maps (in Dutch) of my past trips cannot be missed on this website!


Transportation: Car
Company: Friends
Countries visited: Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Serbia
Time: 3 weeks

I think this trip started with me and one of my friends seeing a commercial about Macedonia. It looked so beautiful! Soon we decided to do a road trip through the Balkans. I was impressed by the Croatian coast and Montenegro. We loved it and my heart was stolen.



Transportation: Car
Company: (Ex)boyfriend
Countries visited: Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Serbia
Time: 4 weeks

Driving through Albania during the last Balkan trip, the country got me really curious to see more of it! We decided to drive the same route as last time, but stayed in different places along the way. We also added the southern part of Albania and a drive to Vikos Aoos National park in Greece.



Transportation: Public transport
Company: Solo, friends made on the road
Countries visited: Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania, Hungary
Time: 3 months & 4 months

As soon as I discovered Albania, I knew I wanted to go back. I combined it with my graduation project so I could stay for a couple of months. It started with the blue line on the map. I flew to Thessaloniki in Greece and traveled to Gjirokastra in the Southern part of Albania. Here I stayed three lovely months until I got very ill. Luckily my parents were there at the moment and took me back to the Netherlands through Corfu.

After a couple of months I felt better again and went back to Albania. I started in Sofia and Plovdiv. From Sofia I went to Skopje (Macedonia) and Prizren (Kosovo) for a couple of days. After that I made a short pitstop in Tirana and traveled south to Gjirokastra again. This time I stayed 2 months to do a different project. The two months passed way too quickly, but Gjirokastra is cold and wet in autumn and winter. So, I decided to go through Montenegro to take the train to Belgrade. From Belgrade I wanted to take a short trip to Romania. A short trip became one month. I loved Romania! Through Budapest I traveled back to the Netherlands.



Transportation: Public transport
Company: Part solo, part with a friend
Countries visited: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Greece
Time: 6 months

This trip started in Bosnia & Herzegovina. I wanted to visit Sarajevo and a couple of places in the countryside, but it was snowing like crazy. Some places were not reachable unfortunately. Originally my plan was to go directly to Montenegro. But because of the snow all the roads were closed, so I had no other option than go through Dubrovnik (how terrible). From there I could reach Montenegro and after staying a couple of nights in Kotor I went back to Gjirokastra.

After being back in Gjirokastra for a month, me and a good friend decided to go on a trip together. For years the Caucasus was high on my wish list. And she wanted to go to Turkey. We flew to Istanbul from Tirana, were we stayed for a couple of days. We took the train to Ankara and from there we could take the night train to Kars. We made a short day trip in the area and left the next day for Akhaltsikhe, a small town in the south of Georgia. We traveled Georgia for a week together before we had to say goodbye to each other. She went back to Turkey, I traveled to Armenia. After staying in Armenia for five days I traveled back to Georgia. That country is just simply amazing! I flew back to Istanbul and then back to Albania again.

In between the months I was staying in Gjirokastra, I took a spontanious trip to Greece by taking the first bus that came along. I wanted to go west myself, but appartently my first stop had to be Meteora (how terrible: part 2). From there I took the train to Athens. After a couple of days I took the bus back to Albania. After this there were six more weeks left in Gjirokastra and went back home after that.



Transportation: Public transport
Company: Solo
Countries visited: Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland
Time: About 2 months

This was a trip that wasn’t supposed to happen, but I am very glad it did. It started with booking a spontanious trip to Sofia a month before I left. Originally I planned a short trip to visit some sights in Bulgaria. But yeah, Romania is close and I wanted to explore some things there as well. I spend almost 2 weeks in Romania and went on to Moldova. After that, I traveled to Kiev where I stayed for a week. In between I already booked a ticket to Riga as well.

I spend a week back in the Netherlands and traveled to Latvia after that. Tallinn is close by so I went on to Estonia for two weeks. The last weekend I spend in Vilnius before getting back home again.