I used to be a hoarder myself before I went traveling in 2014. Clothes, books, cd’s, dvd’s, scraps of fabric, candleholders, pillows…you name it. I loved the look of a house full of stuff and thought it looked cozy. Although I still think it can look very cozy, for me it is also very distracting.

As soon as I went traveling, I noticed how much stuff I actually didn’t need. Coming back home the first time after 4 months of traveling made me realise I wanted to minimalize everything I owned. Searching the internet for information on how to minimalize, I found lots of websites and youtube channels of the more extreme versions of minimalism. People living in an apartment with only a matress, pillow, blanket and some kitchen and bathroom gear. Personally that’s a bit too much for me. Or less, in this case. After this, I found interesting information about casual or cozy minimalism. Yes, that was exactly what I was looking for! I decided to share all the information I found and write my own minimalist guides.

About the minimalist guides
These guides provide information on how to minimalize different aspects of your life. I am still busy writing, but stay tuned for the first one!