If you are curious for more information on travel, minimalism and alternative forms of living, I selected a list of handy and useful websites that provide tons of information on these subjects.



Tips and guides

Atlas Obscura
My favorite travelsite! It offers tons of information on the darker and weirder locations in this world. Be sure to check it out!

If you like to go off the beaten track while traveling, check out Exploguide. Not all locations could be considered off the beaten path, but you can find some good tips on the site.

Dark Tourism
If you love dark and eerie places, check out this site!
On this site you can get a good overview about all the countries in the Balkan area.

The Culture Trip
My go to website if I am looking for cultural information on specific countries.

Like A Local Guide
Really cool website where locals tip you on places to go in their home town. Love the tips!


Stay and sleep

The Balkan Backpacker
If you like to stay in hostels and are planning to travel the Balkan Peninsula, do not miss this site!

Want to stay for free with locals at your destination, couchsurfing my be a good idea!

Canopy And Stars
Would you like to stay in a yurt, or maybe even a tree house while on holiday? Canopy and Stars rent out various accomodations throughout Europe. Check the site for more information!



A site where you can buy cheap bustickets throughout Europe.

BlaBla Car
This site connects people to find and offer rides to each other in Europe.

Offers cheap tickets from and to Eastern Europe.

Man in seat 61
This site is dedicated to train travel and provides tons of information of train travel around the world. Very handy!

This bus company from the Baltics offers cheap tickets to and from Eastern Europe.

The go to site if you want to get a general idea how to get from place 1 to place 2.



Okay, this is the travel blog of a man that has been on the road for several years as a photographer and made me pretty jealous. He travelled to the Balkan, the Middle East and Central Asia. Travel goals.

The Bohemian Blog
This site focuses on alternative and dark travel. And you can also book tours. Very interesting!

Mind Of A Hitchhiker
The website of a brave young woman from the Netherlands, who travels the world by hitchhiking. Not only by car, but also by boat and helicopter. Impressive!



Global/digital Nomads

Working Nomads
Looking for a remote job? This is the site for you!

Screw The Cubicle
Lydia Lee, the founder of the website, makes very inspiring video’s to help you change your life.

Remote Year
Twelve months, twelve different destinations. Together with 75 fellow nomads you will travel remotely around the world.

Hacker Paradise
Hacker Paradise follows the same idea as remote year, but you will have much more freedom. Do you want to stay for a month in one place? Or only a week? Everything is possible in this paradise. It is definitely on my wish list!

Remote Trotters
Same idea as Remote Year. Still looks great. (:

Nomad Cruise
Fancy a holiday with fellow digital nomads? Take a look at this site!
Ubud (Bali) seems the new digital nomad capital of the world. If you are interested, you can find more information here.

Nomad List
A wonderful website about different places and its facilities for digital nomads. Very handy!

Remote Control
Working in the IT business and looking for a remote job? Here you go!

Another site to possibly find your remote dream job!

Digital Nomad Jobs
Great blog with lots of inspiration on this subject.

With copass you can get a membership that you can use for access to many co working spaces all over the world.

Digital Nomad Academy
Want to learn more about this lifestyle? Then you should definitely check this site!

A new network of co living spaces for nomads in different cities in the world.


Tent life

Woodland Yurt
Family business that construct en sell Yurts.

Yurt & Tipi Living
Examples on how to live in a tipi. You can also buy Yurts.

Tipi Living
All kinds of reasons to go live in a tipi. (:


RV Living

Campervan Life
An article on what’s it like to live in a campervan. The site also sells different types of vans.

Little House Living
A blog about fultime RV living. The site offers handy tips as well!

Desk To Dirtbag
Also offers lots of info on living in a truck.


Cooperative living arrangements

Prosperous Way Down
The basics and different forms of co-housing explained.

Planet Friendly
A website that gives a lot of explanation about co-housing in all different forms.


Eco Villages

Global Ecovillage Network
This organisation connects communities all over the world. There is a big list of Ecovillage projects available.

Baltic Ecovillages Project
Specialises in eco village projects in countries around the Baltic Sea.

Ecovillage Book
An interesting book on why building eco villages can help solve global environmental problems.


Tiny Houses

The Tiny Life
A blog that offers lots of information on what the tiny house movement is and how to start yourself.

The Small House Society
Also looots of info on this subject, with lots of resources as well!

Eco Cabins
Cabin, Tiny House and Yurt design and construction.


Tree Houses

Blue Forest
Treehouse design and construction

The Tree House Guide
Provides lots of information how to design and construct your own tree house.

Tree House Living
This article contains some information on starting out building a tree house.

The Treehouse Diaries
A book written by Nick Weston who build and lives in his own treehouse.

Finca Bellavista
A beautiful treehouse community from Costa Rica where you could rent your own treehouse in the jungle. Wishlist material.



The Beginner’s Guide To Minimalism
Very handy page on how to start with the minimalist lifestyle.

The Minimalists
This website is owned by two guys who explain how to they live their lifes without too much stuff and give tips on how to do the same.

Becoming Minimalist
A website of a family man that minimalized his life and has some great tips on how to do so.

The Cozy Minimalist
A blog about casual or cozy minimalism. Love some of the tips given on this blog!

Thriving Minimalist
An inspiring website about minimalism and going your own way.